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Want to know what gear & equipment I use?

I am still waiting for the arrival of my motorcycle Basanti, so this is another day of riding with Peter from Oryx Adventures (https://www.oryxadventures.com). 

As he is teaching me new techniques which I can put into practice, he is slowly choosing more difficult terrains for me to try. Today we are riding around Jebel Shams, a mountain located in northeastern Oman and 240 kilometers from Muscat. It is the highest mountain of the Hajar range and the country, and the third highest in Arabian Peninsula. 

Because it's quite far from Muscat and the road towards it is all highway, we do the first two hours by car. 

I didn't know this area is also called the Grand Canyon of Oman, but when I saw it for the first time, I immediately thought: this looks like the Grand Canyon! 

I'd heard from other travellers that Oman was a beautiful country, but nothing prepared me for the beauty of these mountains!! 

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