ITCHY BOOTS NET WORTH, Biography, Lifestyle 2021

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ITCHY BOOTS NET WORTH, Biography, Lifestyle 2021

In today’s video, we will be exploring the life of the mastermind behind the Itchy Boots YouTube Channel. To be more specific, we will be looking at her biography, lifestyle, and net worth.

Who is Noraly from Itchy Boots?
Noraly Schoenmaker, who is popularly known as ‘Itchy Boots’, is the mastermind behind the channel. She is a well-renowned Dutch traveler and adventurer. Traveling the world and riding motorcycles are the biggest passions in her life, and she appreciates the fact that she is able to share her motorcycle adventures with her viewers and fans.

Noraly Schoenmaker – Early Years and Personal Life
Noraly was born on May 2, 1988 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Her mother was a housewife and spent a lot of time with her children, while her father was running a hardware shop near their home.

Motorcycle Adventures – How it started
Noraly graduated with a Master’s of Science degree in Geochemistry when she was only 23 years old. After she received her degree, she travelled to Australia to collect the rock samples that she needed for her PHD research, which she was going to start as soon as she went back to the Netherlands. However, everything turned out differently and was completely against her intended schedule.

The Transition from a Backpacker to a Full Time Motorcycle Traveller
Initially, Noraly’s plan was to become a travel blogger who would write different destination tips and guides for anyone who loved solo traveling. She immediately started her blog and called it ‘Itchy Boots’. She backpacked throughout India and Bangladesh and started writing about these destinations. When exploring the northern part of India, she stayed in a small town known as Manali. When she was there, she realized that she could rent a motorcycle for a small fee and move around easily.

Noraly’s Dating Life and Social Appearance
When pursuing her higher studies in the Netherlands, she had a boyfriend, whom she loved very much. They did almost everything together and loved spending a lot of time together. However, she developed interests in exploring the world, while her boyfriend preferred to stay around Australia.

Itchy Boots Net Worth
Noraly is making a decent amount of money from her YouTube channel. . She also makes money from brand partnerships and sponsorships, which seamlessly finance her lifestyle.

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