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Octo Digital Forensics: Cell Phone Forensic Experts
Octo Digital Forensics: Cell Phone Forensic Experts Octo Digital Forensics 1 Vizualizări • 3 luni în urmă

⁣Octo Digital Forensics is the best choice for your cell phone forensics needs because we have years of experience in this field. We are able to extract active and deleted data from many cell phone forensics companies on the market today. Common engagements include the recovery of text messages, pictures, videos and call history logs.

Octo Digital Forensics
350 Tenth Ave #1001, San Diego, CA 92101

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Camera data recovery
Computer data recovery
Cloud Solutions Services
Crimes against minors
Criminal litigation
Cyber Security
Cybersecurity Solutions
Emergency Data Recovery
Hacked Digital Forensics
Hard Drive data Recovery

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Andromeda Răzvan 0 Vizualizări • 8 luni în urmă

⁣When an Andromeda android is given a heart, she must struggle against a deadly force to find what it means to be truly alive.

"Andromeda" by Emily Dean

Connect with the Filmmakers:

More About "Andromeda":
Set in a world where Artificial Intelligence has replaced the working class, an Andromeda android is given the gift of a heart and the promise of humanity. However, there are those who will do anything to stop an android from becoming alive.

"Andromeda" Credits:
Writer / Director
Emily Limyun Dean

Adam Bradshaw

Executive Producer
Emily Limyun Dean

Kestrel Leah

Mai Brunelle

Aaron Glenane

Nate Lee

Adult Ella
Emily Limyun Dean

Senior Ella
Annie Tezuka

Stunt Coordinator
Darren Holmquist

Director of Photography
Logan Triplett

1st AC
Isaac Guy

2nd AC
Mason Harrelson

Joshua Atkin

Best Boy Electric
David Carter

Key Grip
Jason Stevens

Best Boy Grip
Beau Beagles

Hair and Makeup Artist
Jaylene Singer

Special Effects Makeup
Vincent Van Dyke Effects

Special Effects Makeup Artist
Bart Mixon

Costume Designer
Chanele Casaubon

Production Designer
Emily Limyun Dean

Set Decorator
Adrienne Garcia

Property Master
Nak Yong Choi

Visual Effects Props
Peter Javidpour

Art Department Assistant
Nak Yong Choi

Set Production Assistants
Cruz Quinonez
Chris Kehoe

Chris Willett

Sound Designer
Orlando Perez Rosso

Sound Mixer
Pablo Crossier

Boom Operator
Tom Hopper

Sound Recording
Tom Hopper

Music Composer
Stephan Willing

Music Orchestrator
Orlando Perez Rosso

Visual Effects Services
Cumulus VFX

VFX Supervisor
Will Gammon

Producer (Cumulus VFX)
Gabrielle Joosten

VFX Producer
Sandra Mondange

Helen Bunker
Kate Auld

Color Grading
Ayumi Ashley

Special Thanks
Handel Eugene
Antoinie Eugene
Michael Greenwald
Paul Doust
Yori Mochizuki
Ryan Halprin
Zachary Smith
Dr. Bruce Isaacs
Kathryn Crowe
Department of Art History and Film Studies,
The University of Sydney

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The Gunfighter
The Gunfighter Răzvan 3 Vizualizări • 8 luni în urmă

⁣In the tradition of classic westerns, a narrator sets up the story of a lone gunslinger who walks into a saloon. However, the people in this saloon can hear the narrator and the narrator may just be a little bit bloodthirsty.

Director: Eric Kissack
Writer: Kevin Tenglin
The Narrator (voice): Nick Offerman

Scott Beehner ... Tommy Henderson
Shawn Parsons ... The Gunfighter
Brace Harris ... Johnny Henderson
Eileen O'Connell ... Sally
Jordan Black ... Sam
Timothy Brennen ... Bill Jessup
Travis Lincoln Cox ... Elijah Jessup
Schoen Hodges ... Gabriel Jessup
Circus-Szalewski ... Ned Schilling (as Circus Szalewski)
Chet Nelson ... Farmer Valentine
Keith Biondi ... John McCullers

WINNER Audience Award for Best Short Film - LA Film Fest
Best of the Fest Selection - Palm Springs Short Fest
Official Selection - Cleveland International Film Fest
Official Selection - Seattle International Film Fest
Official Selection - Traverse City Film Festival
Official Selection - Woods Hole Film Festival

Greenbergcosmeticsurgery shirleyisons409 2 Vizualizări • 9 luni în urmă

⁣An eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) is performed to reduce excess
fat, skin and muscle around the eyes. It may also be performed to improve
drooping eyelids. The surgery can be done under general anesthesia or local
anesthesia with sedation. Surgery involves removing excess fat, skin and muscle from around the eyes. This is done by making an incision along the natural folds of the lower eyelids or around the eyelashes Visit here:

northjerseyrecovery karliesmith569 1 Vizualizări • 9 luni în urmă

⁣NJRC is an institution that provides therapy for those who are struggling with addiction. You may recover from your dependence on drugs and alcohol with the assistance of their team of professionals, who will provide you with the most effective treatment methods. They provide a modern facility with the newest equipment to help you recover from addiction Click here: ⁣

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innovodetox vanessasimpson898 3 Vizualizări • 9 luni în urmă

⁣Find out about the many treatment alternatives that are available, like as medically supervised detox, inpatient rehabilitation, and sober living communities. These are the kind of places you may go to seek
assistance. People plump for from a variety of medical treatment detoxification alternatives made available by Innovo Detox. The majority of these services are either completely or partly covered by the patients' respective insurance policies Visit this site: ⁣

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Medcare Farms
Medcare Farms millieking327 1 Vizualizări • 9 luni în urmă

⁣Medcare Farms is a licensed medical marijuana dispensary in Lake Elsinore, California. Their mission is to provide the highest quality cannabis products and services at an affordable price. They offer a wide range of products that include flowers, concentrates, edibles and topicals. Their knowledgeable budtenders will be happy to answer all your questions, help you find what works best for you and make sure you leave satisfied Visit here: ⁣

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Maryland Addiction
Maryland Addiction kellymorgan900 1 Vizualizări • 9 luni în urmă

MARC is a leading provider of addiction treatment services to Maryland residents. They offer different services for different types of addictions. Their experienced team of professionals understands the complexities involved in treating addictions and can help you or your loved one identify the underlying causes of addiction and work towards recovery Visit here: ⁣

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Mitsubishi Minisplit
Mitsubishi Minisplit lindadavies263 17 Vizualizări • 9 luni în urmă

⁣Always On HVAC system is designed for a quick and easy installation, ensuring you get to enjoy your new heating and cooling system as soon as possible. Stay comfortable year-round with the heating and cooling system, which provides peace of mind in case of a power outage. Use this feature to maintain the temperature you set and keep the system running during unexpected power outages Visit here: ⁣

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Pallet Rack
Pallet Rack aimeepowell57 4 Vizualizări • 9 luni în urmă

⁣You will gain from using pallet rack corner protectors when using your pallet. It will be clarified because some individuals could be unclear about what a pallet accomplishes in order to bring clarity. A pallet, which is a flat transportable construction commonly referred to as a skid, is sometimes utilized Click here: ⁣

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Event Space Brooklyn
Event Space Brooklyn siennanixon816 9 Vizualizări • 9 luni în urmă

⁣Using a professional film studio like Ten ton studio can help reduce the time and cost needed to produce a high-quality film or video. This is especially true when all the equipment and technology required is available at your fingertips. You don’t need to spend time searching for and renting different types of equipment Visit here: ⁣

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Richardson Mold Testing
Richardson Mold Testing janetmkuehner219 17 Vizualizări • 1 an în urmă

⁣Storm Damage Restoration in North Dallas is important to help reduce the risk of mold, fire hazards, and other health issues that can occur following a storm. Storm damage restoration is usually more extensive than this. It involves taking care of all sorts of issues in a home or business that has been damaged by water, wind, or fire during a storm event Visit here: ⁣